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Saipan Real Estate has answers for all housing needs and offers professional services from a real estate broker with over 30 years experience in real estate transactions, over three thousand written property valuations, and nearly 20 years in the US Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands.  There are few property listings in the CNMI and Saipan Real Estate specializes in buyers broker services.  Our Saipan location has the following services available.


Saipan services include:

Saipan tours

Saipan hotels

Property management

Buyer's broker services

Property valuations and BPO's

Home building

Auction services

Contractors Hotline including renovations and homes

Marianas Listing Servises MLS

Tinian property

Rota property

Rentals and leasing

Commercial property

Business broker

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Saipan Real Estate
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Saipan Photos & Pictures
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Saipan Services