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Saipan Real Estate

Saipan Real Estate!

* NEW LISTINGS Feb., 2019

* New Investor Looking to pay cash for commercial properties on Beach Rd from Kobblerville to Garapan and Middle Rd.  Please call us or email with lot #, asking price and remaining years


* Possibly the best home deal in Saipan. 

Financing with 50,000. down

Held like a rock and NO damage from Soudelor or Yutu!!!!!!!!!!!

1.      Large two story nearly 4k square feet, and really or potentially 3 stories as there is a potential basement that was water storage and could be a walkout basement, all fully concrete.

2.     2000 meters lot with 400k in concrete infrastructure

3.      Incredible ocean view of north west Saipan looking over the top of Kensington

4   4 retaining walls and 8- inch thick driveway 3 story


6.    375,000.00 price cut to 250,000.00

Interested parties can email

Saipan devestated by Super Typhoon Yutu and tourism paralized for at least months, plus Chinese visa waiver is unclear for 2019, and there is little or no financing...still there are opportunities.

2 many new parcels to list!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Saipan

Saipan's Real Estate WELCOMES YOU to TROPICAL PARADISE!                

SRE offers personalized broker services for all realty needs.  If you need professional assistance buying or selling property, leasing homes, houses, condos, apartments, land, beach, and ocean view lots in the CNMI, call or email Saipan Real Estate.  

Welcome to the Pacific and the Northern Marianas Islands

A1 Real Estate is now Saipan Real Estate

We can sell or lease your property or represent you as a buyers broker.


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CNMI first and only US soil granted Russian and Chinese tourist visa waivers!!!  


on Hodges with wife Jeanne

NEED financing in SAIPAN?  Call the Hotline for commercial loans.

Ron Hodges Saipan
 by Ron Hodges,Sai



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