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CASINOS and ZIPLINES are coming to SAIPAN and adding 2k resort rooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saipan Real Estate!

60k square meters of prime Saipan view property with productive well reduced to 550k

2200k sq meters of cliffline property

6 unit apartment 3 bedrooms each with view 600k

Apartment building generates 13k a month for 1.5 million

Ocean view mansions from 200k to 2 million

ANAKS condos reduced!
Saipan's only gated community 
view unit 
is one kilometer from the Garapan tourist district, beside the bike/walking trail, is the only place on Saipan with potable drinking water from the faucet, has wonderful pool including baby pool, tennis courts, gated 24 hr security, and this 2/3 bedroom unit has glorious ocean views of Monagaha Island and the harbor.

New parcels of vacant view property!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Saipan

Saipan's Real Estate WELCOMES YOU to TROPICAL PARADISE!                

SRE offers personalized broker services for all realty needs.  If you need professional assistance buying or selling property, leasing homes, houses, condos, apartments, land, beach, and ocean view lots in the CNMI, call or email Saipan Real Estate.  

Welcome to the Pacific and the Northern Marianas Islands

A1 Real Estate is now Saipan Real Estate

We can sell or lease your property or represent you as a buyers broker.

9 NEW CNMI PROPERTIES for SALE since 6-15-2015!!

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CNMI first and only US soil granted Russian and Chinese tourist visa waivers!!!  

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on Hodges with wife Jeanne

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Ron Hodges Saipan
 by Ron Hodges,Sai


Saipan Zip Lines presents…
Among the thousands low atolls lost in the millions of square miles of vast SW Pacific ocean we call Micronesia, stands a raised limestone gem that rose from the depths of the Marianas Trench to form the planets highest mountain, the Island of Saipan in the Northern Marianas Islands; old as time itself and so remote it may have been the last settled by humans.  Saipan Zip Lines will soon offer the 40k residents and 500,000 yearly tourists the fastest growing tourism activity and attraction on earth, ziplines, enabling visitors to safely soar like the colorful Marianas Fruit Dove through jungles and forests filled with birds, flowers, and plants that exist nowhere else.

Saipan is best known for the unimaginable beauty, unparalleled ocean views, the world’s most consistent temperature 365 days a year, the earth’s cleanest air, and a crystal turquoise lagoon that is a wonder of the world and playground for water sport enthusiasts. Saipan has been nicknamed the Pearl of the Pacific and Gateway to the Orient, so it was no surprise to learn a poll of 1800 of Asia’s most experienced travelers, the Asiana flight crew, voted Saipan the best place on earth for a family vacation taking 47% of the vote to Phuket, Thailand and Orlando, Florida, 2nd and 3rd with 8 and 9 % respectively. 

Perhaps it is the slow pace of life, lack of traffic, absence of snakes with no poisonous creatures, 300 foot visibility in our underwater paradise, or fact that CNMI residents are the only Americans not required to file US federal income tax; and all agree the laidback nature of the inhabitants are as legendary as the cool tropical breezes.

Saipan Zip Lines first run is a dual platform leaping from the historically significant Suicide cliff 2000 feet to the east, then returning 5 more football fields to safety of landing on a farm with pigs, ducks, cows, goats, and covered with fruit trees for smoothes, pictures, and T-shirts, a 12 minute walk from the WWII Last Japanese Command Post of Battle of Saipan fame.  Both lines have ocean view in every direction.

The second run is another 2 line run headed south, one through jungle and one through forest also arriving at the farm.  But line 2 has another option, to depart after line one and hike 400 meters south and east to join our final line, leading to the longest single line in all of Asia or the Pacific with ocean views the entire path.

In the near future, zip liners can start on the final run passing through several poles in the jungle to an ocean view plateau at 400 ft altitude to a final 5,175 foot run and join the Saipan Zip Lines one minute mile club!

Breaking news…CASINOS are HEADING for SAIPAN and adding 2,000 high end resort rooms

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