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Georgia and Azerbaijan in the Caucasus Mountains
Saturday, November 30, 2019 - 10:01 PM

Tbilisi Georgia from the cable car to another Old Walled City

Georgia may be the cradle of humanity, and few if any of the earth’s small nations offer the visitor as much as Georgia. This wonderful cradle of culture, religion, and ancient history, Georgia is a country where everyone can find something appealing. Georgia is a land of endless wonders that will ensure wonderful memories, which will be with you forever. Georgia is the home of the highest mountains in Europe. Enjoy truly fabulous walks, the most indigenous grape varieties in the world (with a wine culture to accompany), and fantastic architecture, exemplified by imposing stone watch towers, carved wooden balconies, richly frescoed churches, and beautiful masterpieces from the Art Nouveau period. Georgia has the world's largest and deepest cave and the ancient cave cities are amazing.  Dmanisi has human remains over 1.8 million years old that can only be called remarkable. Combine all this with the Mediterranean climate and the legendary Georgian hospitality, and you have a truly unique travel destination and we didn't even mention the FOOD.

Baku, Azerbaijan is a fascinating but lessor-known country on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Azerbaijan was once a major stop on the Great Silk Road Route. The cosmopolitan booming capital, Baku, is exhilarating with a walled ancient city of no equal blended with a thriving city.  You can stroll down a long pedestrian walkway on the shores of the Caspian Sea or visit the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains or a charming medieval town of Sheki; or the amazing enclave Nakhchivan.  They also boast world class soccer and of course different types of their specialty, caviar!

10th century church on the road to Gergeti, Georgia

Dmansi archaeological dig site near Armenian border

Georgia claims to be King of wine

Caucasus Mountains

Dmanisi Museum

Caucasus Mountains

Flaming Towers right and Caspian Sea left from Baku

Chronicle of Georgia

Tbilisi from the courtyard of Sameba, The Holy Trinity Cathedral

Ushguli, Georgia

Azerbaijan history museum outdoor section

Mtsketha the ancient capital has ancient churches too...above and below

Sighnaghi wine country

Gudauri below

                                                                            Baku near Old City

Mountain pass near Tusheti

Stepansminda Georgia

Flaming Towers of Baku looking out at the Caspian Sea

Martvili, Caucasus Mountains

Baku to Tbilisi on the night train

Batumi Georgia on the Black Sea


Caucasus Mountains

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Baku outdoor Archaeological Museum

This spot in the Caucasus Mountains is breathtaking and hard to get to!!

Mt Kazbek


WOW, it must be Juta, Georgia

Gergety Trinity Church, Caucasus Mountains

Georgia Cave Town

Tbilisi Georgia

Georgia on the road to the Kazbeki mountains

Tatev Monastery

Tusheti, Georgia

Uplistsikhi, Caucasus Mountains

Caucasus Mountains Georgia near Russian border

Amazing Varzda, Georgia speaks for itself, above and below

Ceiling cave art of David Gareja Monastery

Georgia - Russia border crossing above and Caspian Sea below

Baku on the Caspian Sea

Monastery at Russian border crossing and a big bike

The Dmansi 5

Cave art site depicts ancient Serengeti 

The Holy Grail of Monasteries 

Azerbaijan up and below

Tbilisi cable car and Dmanisi dig site below

Water at the Russian border

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