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Travels of Dane Hodges 7 years from Micronesia II
Friday, March 29, 2013 - 6:43 PM

Dane's 7 years from Micronesia part II

Dane blazes the trail

Dane explores the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat Cambodia

Dane Hodges rides the rail across Thailand

The amazing Philippines is almost home to Dane

Dane plays on a Micronesian beach

Great Wall of China is Asia's best place to walk or run

Dane fishes at sunset

Oh Korea!

Dane in the temples of SE Asia

Where else but Micronesia?

Dane and Dad thirsty in Tinian China

Dane and Josh at Forbidden City moat Beijing China

Korean rice terraces

Golf Saipan

Bali rice terraces are beautiful

Dane in rice patties

US Nuclear Sub visits Saipan with Dane helping far right

Dane at home on the beach

Great Wall of China

Mom and Dad at Emperor's Palace Tokyo Japan

 Mom at Rota Island swimming hole

Dad and Dane snow play Cincy

Friends of Dane play Saipan!!!!

Dad at Mekong River crossing

Kremlin in Moscow Russia

Dane rests in ancient ruins

Everyone loves the Marianas Islands

Saigon here we come

Flooding is problematic in PI and Thailand

 Easter egg hunt island style

Dane's travel companion on the silk road

Dane at Angkor Wat Siem Reap Cambodia

Micronesia girls

 Dane gets fish message in Laos

Mom in Karen tribe village

Palau barracuda

 Dad and I cross river in Laos

S China's stone forest is unforgetable

Dane with village tribes

Ruins of an old city

Getting to the Great Wall is half the fun!

Which way is home?

Micronesia manta

Dane loves Cambodia

Sunsets looking west from Flores Indonesia rival the Marianas Islands

Tomb raider


Saipan Dane Hodges climbs Suicide cliff over looking Bansai cliff

Taj Mahal Mumbai India

So handsome

Dane has friends in PI

Center of the World...Rome

Dane's aunties Tina and Michelle at Hundred Islands Philippines

This is a little overboard for a photo

Dane trots through Tianjin China

Cave exploring is an island pastime

Pacific wonder at Easter Island

Makati City Philippines

Welcome to the Marianas Trench natural wonder of the world

Dane and mom ride Romo in Cambodia

Sun sets on Palawan Philippines

Josh an Dane Hodges walk around Forbidden City

Lean young white tip Pacific shark

The tiger hunter

A 23 hr drive west of Labuan Bajo harbor are the colored lakes of Flores

 Dane swims Marianas Trench National Marine Monument

Ho hum another temple in Chang Mai

dane plays on the beach

Thai military salutes exiting yellow shirt Dane BKK airport

Bansai cliff scuba dive

Let's roll

Along the silk road near the Taklamakin desert in NW China

Subic Bay, PI

Kimchi please

We love Tokyo!

Fire I from WWII cannon at the Last Japanese Command Post

Thailand snakes

Dane swings on a grapevine in the Borneo rainforest

 Saipan goalie Dane Hodges in action

Maybe Amelia Earhart slept here

Dane walks in an Indonesian jungle

A spectacular old city in Thailand

Dane visits the Karen hilltribes of N Thailand

Marco Polo, Dane Hodges, and Kubla Khan slept here... Bagan, Burma

No one is here, Ankor Thom Cambodia

That great wall at Mutianyu China

Hodges brothers run the Great Wall

 Borneo's favorite monket

Dane and Dad take peddle trike in Philippines

Borneo's 2nd favorite monkey

Young explorer in SE Asia

Micronesia has a millio miles of beaches

With PI birds at the Manila zoo

Enter the grotto

Saipan football beach style

Pool anyone?

Dane plays with Battle of Saipan guns

Daddy dives with Micronesia manta

Dane the dancer

Atop Suicide cliff Saipan

Pohnpei megaliths at Nan Madol

Golden triangle intersects Laos, Burma, and Thailand!!!

Ticket please Bangkok

Yum-yum, Micronesia calamari

Dane with young nephews Jackson and Isaac

That vast great wall of China

Let's roll, Chang Rai, Thailand

Micronesia has grottos,caves, tunnels,wrecks,and the Hobbit house

Who the heck is Mao?

Oopps, Mall of Asia, PI

Isn't that Joshua Dane Hodges at the Temple of Heaven in China?

Painting elephants

Malabon PI

Young Dane Hodges travels Tinian CNMI with Dad

Indonesian market

Dane's 1st trip to Ancient City

And Dane far right with Dad at China's Great Wall

Mom and Dane travel by Jeepnee in the Philippines

Laos market

Young traveler in an ancient city

Dane Hodges rides through Cambodia

1 driver + 13 riders = Bulacan Philippines!

Dane escorts Princess of the Philippines

Saipan Grotto Northn Marianas Islands Micronesia

Dane rocks Chang Rai Thailand

Last night in Beijing, tomorrow PHILIPPINES!!!!

Dane at backpacker row Kao Sahn Rd Thailand

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