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New Saipan Real Estate 3-12-10
Thursday, March 11, 2010 - 10:32 PM


1.  NEW HOME on San Vicente cliffline, fenced wit pool

& Newly remodeled 3 bed home with fence and outdoor kitchen on Capital Hill for sale (220k) or rent (1300.)

& Remodeled office/store on Capital Hill, 60k or 600. Per month

2. 3500 of Saipan beach, 34 years, 80k 

3. San Vicente aapartment complex 30k sq meters with 20 x 1 bedrooms owner financing possible

4.  Apartment complex 20k sq meters, 60 x 2 bedrooms, 10 office spaces,warehouse, 2500 sq ft staff house, pool, power generation, Rota property, vacant property, net 300k per year

5.  ANAKS condos reduced!
Saipan's only gated community
85k & 95k- small 2 bed lower unit renovated
130k is a higher view units (with financing)

The ANAKS is one kilometer from the Garapan tourist district, beside the bike/walking trail, is the only place on Saipan with potable drinking water from the faucet, has wonderful pool including baby pool(2nd pic down), tennis courts, gated 24 hr security, and this 2 bedroom unit has glorious ocean views of Monagaha Island and the harbor.

6.  Executive home with great yard 225k

7.  Commercial apartment building draws 7600 rent 750k

8.  Beach property 4000 sq meters

9.  7k meters in Guala Rai reduced to 120k

10.  Apartment complex rents 12k per month for 800k 

11.  3 bed ex condition, some ocean view, windy with nice yard.  225k

12.  3 bed with maids quarters or extra rental, nice location and view.  250k

13. 20k square foot concrete factory building with loading docks, 2 entrances, fenced on
     6k square meters...great opportunity

14.  NEW 50k meters of Lau Lau

15.  Apartment complex - owner financing with 300k down

16.  3k square meters of beach property 75k

17.  Best deck in Saipan with golden view near Garapan 360k

18.  Beach home near Lau lau 600k

19.  22 unit apartment building 600k

20.  Apartment complex 8 x 2 bedroom, 34 years, 325k

21.  3 units, two 3 bedrooms plus guest house rental and pool 325k

22.  8 unit with 3k square foot unfinished home upstairs 250k plus 1200.per month starting 2010

23.   New building lot in San Antonio.  1/4 acre adjacent to SA elementary school parking ot 150 meters from beach and 150 meters from Beach Rd. Asking 15k

24.  3 bedroom fully concrete home with great ocean view.  Owner may finance with 25k down 125k

25.  New offering of 5k square meters of view property where you can see the sunrise and the sunset

Super executive homes...Saipan's finest
26. Mt. Topachau 5 bedroom 325k

27. 2 story best view deck in Saipan 360k

28. 4 bedroom Sadag Tasi 400k

29. Best view in Saipan 475k

30. Beach home in Lau Lau 500k

31. 5 bedroom with pool 200k

32. Stylish Sadag Tasi home 350k

33. Executive home with sunrise and sunset450k

34  4 bed Garapan 200k

35  Flametree 3 bedroom 225k

36. Navy Hill mansion 1 million

37. Wireless mansion with sunrise and sunset view 1,000,000.00

38. Navy Hill 3 bedroom 325k

39. Lau Lau Heights 500k

40. Unique mansion on point 425k

41. Beach home two family 475

42. Sleeper 4 bedroom with view 375

43. Capital Hill 225 with wall and huge porch/deck

44. New construction design German engineered on 1600 sq meters with 2350

45. 27. Unbelievable home atop Mt. Top 900k


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