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Saturday, February 06, 2010 - 9:07 PM


1. 17 commercial properties ranging from 200k to 3.0 million including:

A) a 70 unit apartment and with 10 commercial spaces includes view, pool, restaurant, net profit 300k yearly

B) a dormant but excellent condition factory and warehouse 250k

C) an apartment building with six 3 bedroom units and 2 1 bed with ocean view 750k

D) an apartment complex with ocean view and 22 units

E) an apartment complex with 20 units

F) commercial building on Beach Rd with 6 units

G) commercial building in Garapan with 12 units fully occupied

H) Vacant beach hotel

2. 7000 sq meters in Guala Rai with power, water, & some ocean view reduced to 140k – 53 years remain

3. World’s most spectacular view property and Saipan’s best building location.

This view of the fire red sunsets, harbor, tourist district, Monagaha Island, and turquoise lagoon is the best view in America. 52 years remain on lease, clear insurable title, and surrounded by some of Saipan’s finest homes. Property leased in 1996 for 1.4 million can now be acquire for 325k.

4. ANAKS condos!

Saipan's only gated community

85k & 95k- small 2 bed lower unit renovated

150k and this is higher view unit.

The ANAKS is one kilometer from the Garapan tourist district, beside the bike/walking trail, is the only place on Saipan with potable drinking water from the faucet, has wonderful pool including baby pool(2nd pic down), tennis courts, gated 24 hr security, and this 2 bedroom unit has glorious ocean views of Monagaha Island and the harbor(36 years remain on lease).

5. Residential homes

a) 4 bed NEW CONSTRUCTION, walled, 1 mile from beach 125k

b) 3 bed with maids quarters or extra rental, nice location and view. 250k

c) 4 bed with pool and wall reduced from 350k to 275k.

d) 3 bed ex condition, some ocean view, windy with nice yard. 225k

e) 4 bed , nice As Matuis location and view. 225k

f) 4 bed with pool and wall reduced from 350k to 275k.

g) 4 bed building permit on great ocean view in Saipan

h) 4 bedroom view deck in Saipan with golden view near Garapan 360k

i) New beach home Lau Lau with wall 600k

j) Commercial Beach Road building with residential 2nd floor, wall, yard, near beach 225k

k) 3 units, two 3 bedrooms plus guest house rental and pool 325k

I have many other cheaper houses in varied condition from 15k to 100k.

l) 8 unit with 3k square foot unfinished home upstairs 250k plus 1200.per month starting 2010

m) New 4 bedroom concrete home in Susupe 135k

6. 50k square meters across from Lau Lau Beach 25

7. 5k square meters with view of sunrise and sunset 240k

233-1144 office 287-4766 cell
Fax 670-323-home
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