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Saipan and the Northern Marianas are home to the best seaside golf, scuba diving, wind surfing, sailing, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, and we invite you to visit the islands and Dive Saipan!


Saipan is a US commonwealth island in the Northern Marianas chain 4100 km SW of Hawaii, 1300 miles south of Japan, and 1300 miles East of the Philippines.  We are known for unequalled tropical weather, averaging a daily high of 81 and overnight low of 74 twelve months a year.  Our fabulous beaches are playground to a half million tourists yearly and NMI scuba diving must be seen to be believed.  Saipan's four seaside golf courses are windswept masterpieces!  Saipan is a diverse mix of island and Asian cultures making it the true gateway to the orient.  The English language is widely spoken and the US dollar is standard currency.  The 15 x 4 mile island is home to about 60,000 residents mixed between Chamarro, Carolinian, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Russians, other islanders, and US mainlanders.  US citizens receive a 90% refund and rebate from their federal income tax provided you are a resident here for at least half the year.  With no real estate taxes and no federal income tax, this makes the CNMI the nations most favorable tax structure! Pictured above is Bird Island off the coast of Saipan.

Three miles south of Saipan, Tinian has equally impressive beaches, a four star Resort and Casino (Tinian Dynasty), and fire red sunsets.  A former home to the WWII Enola Gay, Tinian can be reached several times daily from Saipan by ferry and small aircraft.  Five Casinos are being developed for Tinian, Chinese tourists may now travel freely to Tinian, and the US marines are moving to Tinian as well, which could make Tinian property the hottest in Asia.  Pictured above is a large Manta near the Tinian Grotto.

Rota is the the southernmost of the Northern Marianas, 100 miles to the south, boasting natural beauty beyond compare.  The "friendly" island of 2000 does not have a single traffic light and is a bit like stepping 100 years back in the past.  Blessed with scenery such as the Bird Sanctuary Lookout, Wedding Cake Mountain, Taga Stone Quarry, tranquil beaches, and CRYSTAL clear water, make Rota a Mecca for scuba divers and photographers alike.  Mark and Lynn Michaels have operated Dive Rota, the prime scuba diving operation for nearly 20 years.  Pictured above is Ron in the seldom seen Hobbit House, Rota, MP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OFFICIAL NAME: Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. The Commonwealth is a 14 island chain. Three islands are inhabited, Saipan, Rota and Tinian.
POPULATION: Approximately 70,000 total.
CITIZENSHIP: United States
OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: English, Chamorro, and Carolinian
RELIGION: No official religion, although the population is predominantly Catholic. Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Ba'hai and non-denominational services can be found throughout the island of Saipan.
ELECTRICITY: Single Phase 60 Cycles 115/230 Volts AC
HEALTH SERVICES: Provided by the Commonwealth Health Center. Full service medical care. Private health clinics are availble on Saipan
ZIP CODE: 96950
TELEPHONES: (Area Code:670) The Commonwealth is part of the North American Numbering Plan. Dial -1- followed by the area code and the number from anywhere in the United States.
POSTAL SERVICE: The United States Postal Service provides daily mail service at regular postal rates.
WEATHER: The Marianas enjoys the most consistent climate in the world, averaging 82 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. Weather information may be obtained at the National Weather Service.


We are the land of seaside golf courses with five windswept 18 hole tracts that residents can play for 25. to 35. which includes a cart.   We have the 36 hole Lau Lau Bay featuring the seaside East (35.) and the long and difficult West course (30.)  We have the seaside links Coral Ocean Point on the south end of Saipan (30.) which has hosted Asian Tour (Larry Nelson is a former champion) events and 20-30 MPH winds are common on this brutally long course.  Kingfisher is another gorgeous Saipan course that is demanding and breathtaking.  Marianas Golf Course is on the North side of Saipan (25.) on the hill looking west with afternoon wind that makes any hole a challenge.  Rota Island also has a spectacular course at the Rota Resort (30.).

A1 broker Ron Hodges at 14th tee of Kingfisher golf course!!!!


The NMI has legendary Micronesian diving, which is quite possibly only behind Palau and Yap for visibility, quality, color, marine variety, caves, wrecks (we are still behind Chuuk in wreck diving), tunnels, coral, grottos, and general adventure diving worldwide.   Saipan can boast the Blue Grotto, Bonzaii cliff, Forbidden Island, Bird Island, Naftan Point, Lau Lau Bay, Obyan, Icecream, and other exceptional dive sites.  Tinian has a Grotto as well and the western walls are superb to drift.  Rota has famous 300 ft visibility and a week spent Diving Rota is a photographers dream come true.  Rota has too many dive site to mention, but you would certainly not want to miss the Senharnom Cave,  Harnom point drift, Pearlman Tunnel, Pona Point (the rollercoaster), Shoun Maru, Coral Gardens, Joannes Reef, and the seldom seen Hobbit House.

That is me standing left ready to Dive Rota!

Dive boat in the Tinian Channel with Tinian in the background!!

Night Life

Saipan's evening scene includes fine dining at AJ's and Aqua Resort to numerous pubs such as  Godfathers, Wild Bill's, and Gig for drinking, music, and dance. 


I reeled this 51 lb WAHOO in Rota on Dan Alexander's boat!!

The CNMI has several anual fishing derbies on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.  Our 39 lb Wahoo was a near miss 4th place in the last Wahoo division and a 496 lb Marlin was the grand prize winner (those guys caught 4 marlin in 2 days in a 24 ft boat)!!!!!!!!!

The Japanese Shoun Maru was sank during WWII and rests peacefully in the crystal clear water of Rota's East Bay. Photo by R.Hodges

Dane playing soccer at PIC at 9 months old. 

Mom & Dane...PIC Dads Day June,06

Where is the Milkwoman?

Christmas is the tropics!!

Dane's 1st Birthday Party at AJ's Beach Bar (Colin & Brett)

Dane's first Christmas with Mom!

Dane heckles Randy Steele in Volleyball Micro Games prep tourney.

Dane's 1st Fathers Day - Sunday June 18,2006

Daddy's Boy June 10, 2006