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Saipan scuba diving presents these pictures of the world's top dive spots!!  From the Grotto to the Great Barrier reef we bring you a glimpse of the under sea world.  Of course Micronesia tops the chart!

1. Kayangle Kayangle Island, Palau

Clownfish defend the anenome, Kayangel Island, Palau Islands.

2. Belilou Walls (Yellow, Express, & Belilou), Palau Islands

Clowntrigger fish, Blue Grotto, Island of Saipan 2001!!

3. Spanish Wall, Yap Islands

   4.  Blue Grotto - Temple of Doom & Serpentine Tunnel to Bird Island, Saipan Island, MP Left- Eagle Rays zoom past Saipan's Blue Grotto.

5. Ahnd Atoll, Pohnpei

6. Blue Corner & Ngemelis Wall, Palau, Rock Islands                                                                           

7. Goat Island, Northern Marianas Islands  Left- An eight foot juvenile Oceanic Whitetip Shark visits Goat Island 2000.

8) Walung Coral Gardens & Drop Off, Kosrae

9.  Tebatua Reef, Sulu Sea, Philippines Left - Titanfish rests in the Sulu Sea

10. Kamikaze Maru & Chandelier Cave, Palau Islands Left - The ol dive photographer drifts through Shark Ally, Palau

11. Hobbit House & French Tunnel ,Rota Island, Northern Marianas Islands Left - Diver enters the seldom seen Hobbit House!!!

12. Burma Banks, Andomone Sea, Burma

Cruising on a Bonzaii Cliff night dive, Saipan, Marianas Islands!!

13. Banda Islands, Manado, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Clownfish on fire in the Flores Sea, 1999!

14. Spice Island dive, Lovina Beach, Bali, Indonesia

15. Goofnuw Channel (The Manta Dive), Yap Islands Left -Divephotographer in Yap

16. Prinz Eugen, Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, Micronesia. Can you say CALAMARI, Saipan.

17. SanFrancisco Maru, Chuuk Lagoon Below - A Napoleon Wrasse slips by the 240 ft deep SF Maru!!!!!!!!!

18. Kenawa Islands west of Naha, Okinawa                 

Above- Pecs down at Blue Corner, Palau!!

19.  Maumere, Flores, Indonesia   Left - A Flores whale shark that dove with us 2 days in a row!!!!

20. Sharkpoint - Gili Trawanga, Lombock, Indonesia  Left Clamgirl in a 1998 Gili Islands,  Lombock, Indonesia dive!

21. Harnom Point & Senhanom Cave, Rota Island, NMI

22.  Tokai Maru & the Comoran, Guam

23. Marine Preserve, Lanaii, Hawaii

24. Lizard Island, Autralia

25. Cod Hole & Cook's Pass, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Photos by Ron Hodges